Cathrine Hellberg from Sweden is currently showing her video ‘The figuration/The role/The character : part 1’ from 2012 in the Contextiles-isation exhibition at Kalopsia Gallery, Edinburgh.

In the video piece you can see how the creator, Cathrine Hellberg, is trying to see how one can translate a whole personality to then give to  someone else. In the video we can see how things such as clothing and colours can play a huge role within this discover.

"I worked with one actor to play me in front of the camera, she studied me and I tried 
to tell her who I was. Under the period of a half year we met and staged different scenarions, often common in my life, sometimes with the help of others (friends, co-students etc). The first part “The figuration” is complemented with to additional partsCharacter”). It’s a play with identity and the construction of it.”

Visit for more information or come down to Kalopsia Gallery. Open between 11am-5pm today.

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